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Los Angeles Carpet Repair, Restretch and Installation

Custom carpet repair is our specialty

No job to small or large

If we can't fix it, let us replace it!

Some common professional carpet repairs include:

Burned, stained or otherwise damaged carpeting. We're at Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles offering "Cut and plug" it is a teqniques which used to repair small areas of carpet that are burned, stained, spilled or similarly damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is hot-glued into its place. If leftover matching carpet isn't available, a small piece is usually taken from a closet, hallway or similar hidden location.

Loose or wrinkled areas of carpeting. We're at Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles offering power restretching. It's used for loose and wrinkled carpets. Like a facelift, restretching makes carpeting tight again. This also prolongs the carpet's life by eliminating wrinkles which can cause the carpet to wear more quickly from the constant back and forth bending that occurs when they are stepped on. It also reduces the danger of tripping on the loose material.

Our Repair services:

Berber snags, Bleach Marks, Burn hole, Carpet Patching, Candle Wax, Cigarette Burn, Cosmetic marks, Dye-Stain repair, Fireplace burns, Ink /
Pen marks, Iron Burn, Lipstick stains, Seam Repair, Stretching Carpet, Custom carpet repairs
, Carpet Stretching, Padding Upgraded, Carpet Installation, Carpet Retailers, etc..

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